Dejana Volarev

Dejana Volarev was born 1980. in Belgrade, Serbia. On the beginning of her professional career
she was professional dancer and she has more than 14 years of experience in teaching students
Contemporary dance and Classical ballet.
Professional experience
Den Norske Ballettskole & Akademi (DNBS&A), Oslo, Norway. Teacher of Classical and Modern
2005 – 2019
National Ballet School “Lujo Davičo” Belgrade, Serbia. Teacher of Contemporary dance, Modern and
Classical ballet, the “Vaganova method”

2000 – 2001
“Theatre KPGT” in Belgrade, Serbia. Professional Dancer theater

Choreographer and Rehearsal manager for a children’s performance ”Spring Awaking”
Choreographer and Rehearsal manager for a children’s performance” The Emperors’ New Clothes”
2017 – 2018
Rehearsal Manager for a children’s performance ‘Cinderella’ in the Bitef Theater
2011 – 2013
Professional Contemporary training for all dancers and Rehearsal Manager for all performances in BITEF
dance company
2009 – 2010
Dancer at the BITEF dance company, National Company at the BITEF Theater
Dance pedagogue on project “Gauss curve”.
Choreographer and Rehearsal Manager on “International youth dance expression 2008”, in Thessaloniki,

2001 – 2004
Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts (HfMDK), major in the Classical and Contemporary
dance. During studying in Germany, she attended on several seminars and master classes in Germany and
Austria, with famous choreographers and dancers: William Forsythe, Christine Bürkle, Nicole Peisel, Antony
Rizzy, Joe Alegado, etc.
1991 – 1999
Primary and Secondary Ballet School “Lujo Davičo” in Belgrade, Serbia, major in the Classical ballet, the
“Vaganova method”