• Groruddalen avis, 3rd of July 2020

    Article about talents who trains ballett at Valdres Sommerbaleltt 2020 in Oslo. (The article is Read More

  • Nordre Aker Budstikke, June Article about talents at Valdres Sommerballett in Oslo


  • Nordre Aker Budstikke, May 2020 Article about our interest for the building at Vestgrensa 2.


  • Article on VG.no , 9th of April. About Ole Johannes who chose to continue to train ballet at Bolshoi Academy during the quarantene.


  • Article Nordre Aker Budstikke, March 2020; About training and how we organise this at home in these corona-times for all our students.


  • Talefoten March 2020 About 15 year jubilee for DNBS&A


  • Nordre Aker Budstikke, February 2020 Article about 3rd place in the ballet competition Tanzolymp in Berlin, Germany And Siri Johansen in the jury.


  • Nordre Aker Budstikke, January 2020, about the establishment in 2005 and the journey up until now


  • Bygdeposten, December 2019

    Article in «Bygdeposten», December 2019, about Joakim Visnes, the junior world champion in both ballet Read More

  • Eikernytt, December

    About DNBS&A Masterclass student Joakim Visnes who won gold in modern, gold in ballet and Read More

  • Eikernytt.no

    Joakim Visnes, world champion for junior in modern dance http://www.eikernytt.no/nyhet.cfm?nyhetid=34594

  • Drammen live 24, 2nd of December

    Joakim Visnes, world champion for junior in modern dance https://drm24.no/sport/joakim-15-er-junior-verdensmester-i-moderne-dans-1912245

  • Avisa Valdres, November 2019

    Fantastic article in Avisa Valdres and the performance Nutcracker and the allergic Klara. https://www.avisa-valdres.no/valdres-sommerballett/fagernes-kulturhus/dans/ballett-til-et-bredt-publikum-hadde-verksted-for-barn-og-fylte-kulturhuset/s/5-54-411353

  • Eikernytt, September 2019

    Article about Joakim Visnes and his dedication for classical ballet training at DNBS&A

  • Aftenposten, 1st of September 2019

    Article about DNBS&A student Ole Johannes  and ar Valdres Sommerballett, he never let anything stop Read More

  • Nordstrand blad, August 2019

    Article about Ole Johannes realising his dream and is going to study ballet at Bolsjoj Read More

  • NRK Radio 5 July 2019 (about 1 min 40 sec in the link)

    About great results at the “International dance competition, Hellas”.

  • På spissen, June 2019

    About Siri Johansen who is a jury member in the International ballet competition in Grand Read More

  • Nordre Aker Budstikke, July 2019

    Success for young talents in International dance competition, Hellas.

  • Avisa Valdres, July 2019

    Article about the talented Ole Johannes who will study ballet at the Bolshoi Academy.

  • Avisa valdres, July 2019

    Article about big entusiasm and idealism to make dreams come true.

  • Klassiskmusikk.com, June 2019

    About the quality of the dancers at Valdres sommerballett

  • Oppland Arbeiderblad, July 2019

    About collaboration between the Valdres Sommersymfoni and Valdres sommerballett and the high quality.

  • Avisa Valdres, July 2019

    Local talents about how more children should join the Valdres sommerballet because it is so Read More

  • Kulturnett Oppland, June 2019

    About elite ballet program in Valdreshallen in Valdres.

  • Oppland Arbeiderblad, June 2019

    The superstar of ballet is in Valdres sommerballett .

  • Avisa Valdres, June 2019

    About student with International recognition in ballet competition in NY.

  • NRK TV Østnytt June 2019

    Om Valdres sommerballett og Valdres sommersymfoni

  • NRK radio June 2019

    About Valdres sommerballett and stars of ballet with young talents.

  • Nordre Aker Budstikke, May 2019

    About ballet students from DNBS&A who participate in ballet competition in NY, «World Ballet Grand Read More