About Us

Valdres Sommerballett is a summer school of classical ballet for young talents with wonderful performances. The classes are held in beautiful surroundings in the mountains of Valdres and is organized by Den Norske Ballettskole & Akademi.

In addition there are galla performances  with the top ballet dancers of today in wonderful ballet performances of classical, neo classical and moderne choreographies , and a moderne choreography competitions for some of the talents of Valdres sommerballett.

Valdres Sommerballett is looking back on the success of the summer school in Hemsedal in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 to bring forward Valdres sommerballett in the same manner, where young talents trained with leading pedagogues from the Vaganova Academy and Bolshoy Academy, such as Irina Trofimova, Elena Shchertsnova, Sofia Golovkina, Tatiana Galtzeva, Inna Dorofeyeva.

Students who who participated were among others Daniil Simkin, Andrey Pisarev, Denys Cherevychko, Zherlin Ndudi, Maria Kochetkova, Maria Chugai who are all starts of today´s ballet world. At the ballet galas were for example Sergey Filin, Vadim Pisarev, Inna Dorofeyeva, Maria Alexandrova, Anton Boytsev, Elena Shchertsnova, Elena Glurjidze Andrey Ivanov, Dmitry Simkin, Aidar Achmetov.

Irene Aarset Jansson (Director) Siri Aarset Johansen (Artistic director)