The training will take place in the studios of Den Norske Ballettskole & Akademi, Grenseveien 32 A, 0571, Oslo. Therefore accommodation will be organised by the talents and their families as best suits them during the period of traning 22nd – 27th of June. (It will not be accommodation at Sanderstølen in Valdres this summer)

The 28th of June we will go by bus from the studio to Valdreshallen, for the performance.
The transportation is included in the price for the talents.
Lunch for the talents in Valdreshallen is also included in the price.
If there is more room in the bus, the parents may join too. Their tickets are the same price as Valdresekspressen.

Some fruits/snacks will be available in the studio 22nd – 27th of June.
Bring your own food too.


Photo: Tamar Dragovic, Valdreshallen June 2023